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December 16 Newsletter

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Leavers' Fun Day - updated arrangements

Dear Parents and Careers

Firstly, thank you to the parents and family members that were able to make it to the Leavers’ Assembly on Monday last week. The students did themselves and the school proud and presented themselves as a wonderful cohort of young adults about to head to high school.

To cater for the many family members that, due to Covid restrictions, were unable to attend, we are making a digital copy of some aspects of the afternoon available. If you would like a copy, please send a USB drive to school with your child tomorrow.

If you do not wish your child to be included in the individual aspects of the Leavers’ videos, please email Steve Jeffrey ASAP.

 Thursday 17th December – Last Day of School; Year Six Fun Day

Because it is 2020 and nothing is easy, we have had to make late changes to our Fun Day due to the forecast weather. We met with the Year 6 students this morning and several alternatives were discussed.

Our new timeline is as follows:

8:45  All students to be in Grand Chancellor foyer for buffet breakfast at the Tasman Restaurant.

10:00 Leave Grand Chancellor and walk back to ASPS. Please be mindful that rain is predicted, so students should come prepared with coats or similar wet weather gear.

11:00 Recess

12:00 Depart ASPS via bus

12:20 Arrive Woody’s Skate Centre

          A canteen is on the premises. Students will be offered a choice of pizza for lunch. Students may also bring up to $5 to spend at the canteen if they wish. Thanks to parents that have let us know dietary requirements. If there are any further requirements due to pizza now being lunch, please contact Steve Jeffrey at school.

2:15   Depart Woody’s to return to ASPS

2:45   Arrive at ASPS in time for farewell and guard of honour.

 We apologise for the late change in arrangements however we hope the alternative activity will be just as fun, and provide the same opportunity for students to mingle with each other, as the original activity.

 Please contact the school if you have any questions or concerns.

 Warm Regards,

 Jodi Alexander                         Scott Whittle                           

  Steve Jeffrey –

5/6 Teachers

Newsletter Update 11 Dec 2020

Dear families,


It is with great pleasure that I share with you the link to our 2020 Christmas Carols. Special thanks to Phil Mason and George Goess for enhancing the quality of our production with their exceptional film and sound engineering!


This is a private link so it doesn't appear on the Vimeo website so only people with the link can view it. It can be downloaded by using the Download button in the bottom right corner.

HD 1080p will give the best quality if possible!


I am also attaching a separate link to items by the Acapella and Percussion groups. Thank you to Mr Eddleston for the wonderful musical opportunities he provides that enable our students to shine so brightly!


A reminder about our school picnic at the Glenorchy Pool next Wednesday:

  • Students are asked to wear their bathers to school underneath their clothes to save time and confusion in the change rooms early in the day.
  • Don’t forget to bring underneath clothes, a hat, towel, plastic bag for wet things, a drink bottle and plenty of food and snacks.
  • The canteen will be open for snacks but students should have a healthy lunch. Please don’t allow your child/ren to bring excessive amounts of money for sweet treats.
  • Students can wear plain clothes for the picnic.
  • All students need to have a rash vest or t shirt for wearing in the pool to prevent sunburn and too much exposure to the sun. We will take sunscreen but students should apply sunscreen at home or before going to the pool and might like to bring their own sunscreen as well. 
  • Classes will be leaving school from 9.15 and returning between 12.30 - 1pm.


Fingers crossed for good weather!


A special welcome to Mrs Joanne Waldon who will be enjoining the school as principal in 2021. Now you will be able to recognise her in the playground and give a warm Albuera Street welcome!  



Don’t forget our Christmas Hamper collection for the Salvation Army if you would like to make a donation.


Kind regards,



update 9/12/20

Dear families,

Welcome Mrs Waldon

I’m sure some excited children came home yesterday with the news that they had met the new principal, Jo Waldon! Mrs Waldon’s appointment as the principal of Albuera Street was confirmed yesterday, following her nomination for the position by the selection panel and subsequently, the required ‘appeals’ opportunity for unsuccessful applicants to have elapsed.  In 2020, Mrs Waldon has been the Acting Principal at Campbell Street Primary School; prior to that she has been the Principal at Bruny Island School for the last 5 years.   She has also taught at Waimea Heights and Snug Primary schools in the South.  

Jo and I met yesterday to being the process of ensuring her smooth transition to our school. Needless to say she is very excited to be joining the Albuera Street Primary school community. Students did a fantastic job of telling her lots of important things about the school as well as extracting some important information about her! We will continue to meet over the next couple of weeks so she has an opportunity to learn about the school before officially taking up the position at the beginning of 2021.  I know our community will welcome Mrs Waldon to Albuera Street.

Stepping Up

This morning we held our Transition morning for new students coming to the school in 2021 and ‘Stepping Up’ session for current students to visit their new classroom and teacher for the new school year. This is a little earlier than usual, scheduled this week so all our kinders, who only come to school on Wednesdays, can experience the move to their new classrooms as part of this important introduction and transition process.  Next Wednesday we will all be enjoying our end of year picnic at the Glenorchy Pool so ‘Stepping Up’ needed to be today in order to be inclusive of all students.    

As mentioned in previous newsletters, teachers spend a huge amount of time and thought planning classes for the new school year.  We take into consideration a range of factors including student’s age and sometimes physical development, academic ability and learning style, social and emotional development and learning dispositions, a gender balance in classrooms, required numbers of students at each grade level in composite classes, positive groupings of students which will be conducive to maximise learning for all, student’s friendship preferences, and written parental requests citing educational reasons for a particular placement. 

Recognising that we only have 2 possible class options for students in each grade level, and sometimes competing requests from students or parents, it is not always possible to meet all requests. Please be assured that teachers collaborate extensively and create class groupings based on their knowledge of each student as they present in the school context, we may be different from home.  In the event that your child comes home initially dissatisfied with their class placement for 2021, we respectfully ask that you remind them that teachers have considered their placement very thoughtfully and believe this is the best place for them to learn, and that there will be lots of opportunities for playing with friends at recess and lunch time. Our classes are full and we are unable to make changes as this would require moving another student. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Staffing Update

In 2021 we will have some changes to our staffing and some teachers will be undertaking different roles.   

  • Mrs Parker, who has been our kinder teacher for the last three years, and Literacy Coach as well in 2019 and 2020, will be teaching the Grade 1/2 class in 2021. Mrs Parker has done an amazing job in her coaching role, working collaboratively with teachers from Prep to grade 3/4 on our school goal to improve students’ achievement in writing. She will continue to use her literacy expertise and her early childhood teaching experience to great effect as part of our early childhood team.
  • Ms Foster will be joining our kinder team with Mrs McKeown and our experienced teacher assistants, teaching the Kinder Apples in 2021.
  • Mrs Taylor, our Art teacher will remain on maternity leave in term 1 next year so Ms Tyson, who has taught Art this term, will continue in this role.
  • Mrs Illingworth, who has taught Drama this year, will be leaving us at the end of the year. We thank her for her work; teaching all students from prep to grade 6 on a one day per week workload is no mean feat! Ms Adderton will be our Drama teacher in 2021. Ms Adderton knows all our students well having worked in many roles across the school over recent years and is looking forward to the challenges and joys of teaching Drama.
  • On a sad note, (for the school at least!) we will be saying farewell to Mr Whittle at the end of this year as he has made the decision to retire. Mr Whittle has made a great contribution to the school as both a 3/4 and 5/6 teacher and will be greatly missed. I know students and the school community will join staff in wishing Scott a healthy, happy and fulfilling life after school! We are not yet able to confirm who will be our new Grade 5/6 teacher but we will be working hard to find the best possible person to fill Mr Whittle’s big boots!


Carols 2020!

The 2020 school calendar that we printed at the end of 2019, has tomorrow, 10th December noted as our traditional end of year Carols evening. Unfortunately that was not to be, and while we will miss the opportunity to celebrate the end of the school year as a whole school community together with a BBQ and carols, we will still be sharing a spectacular carols event with families. Last Friday, with the generous support of Phil Mason and George Goess providing film and sound expertise, we recorded our usual carols program (with better sound quality than can be achieved outside on the grass, according to Mr Eddleston!) to be shared with families as a memento of this interesting year. Special thanks to Phil, Jane and Ben Mason and George for helping to make this happen! We hope to send this home to families on Friday, along with student’s end of year reports. (Please look out for the reports in your child’s bag.) We hope you enjoy the show!

Congratulations and farewell to our Grade 6 Leavers

On Monday afternoon we held our special Grade 6 Leavers Afternoon, celebrating the achievements and growth of the 39 grade 6 students who are leaving Albuera Street at the end of this year to head off to high school! Each of these young people have made a contribution to our school and have achieved personal and academic growth and successes that will equip them to make a successful transition to high school. We send each of these young people off to high school with our very best wishes for their future success and happiness, and with confidence that every one of them has the capacity to succeed and do Albuera Street Primary School proud.  Congratulations to them all.


Warm regards.


CANTEEN - this week's special

Recess:   Chocolate cake   $1.50     Gingerbread cookies  $1.50

                Vanillia Cupcakes  $1.50

Lunch:  Hamburger with the lot   $5.00

LIBRARY - All books are due back to the library NOW! Please check at home and return ASAP.

Year 6 EOY reminders

Dear Parents of Year Six students

Some reminders for you:

Leavers’ Assembly – 1:30pm Monday December 7th

  • Please ensure you have contacted the school by tomorrow (Friday) with the names of the (up to) two people that will be attending.
  • Students will be bringing home paper copies of the Covid screening form. To hasten proceedings parents are asked to complete the forms ready to hand in on arrival on Monday. Otherwise, extra copies will be available to be filled in at the office on the day, or we have set up a QR Code to scan and register.
  • Family members are asked to enter through the main entrance from 1:15pm onwards as the rest of the school will still be on their lunch break.

Taroona High School Orientation Day – Tuesday December 8th

  • We will be departing by bus at 9:20am and returning to school at approximately 1:00pm in time for lunch.
  • Students will need to take recess to eat, a drink and a hat.
  • The Online Parent Forum will be held at 6:30pm on Wednesday 9th December (

Fun Day – Thursday December 17th

  • Please ensure $35 is paid to the office by Friday December 11th.
  • Students need to be in the Grand Chancellor foyer (located on the Campbell Street – Davey Street corner) by 8:45am.
  • Students will be required to be in full school uniform (Leavers’ hoodie accepted) and will need to have their bags with water, food for recess, hats, sunscreen and anything else they would like to have for the day.
  • Signing of uniforms has been a tradition for some students. Students will need to bring their own marker and written permission from home for this to occur on the last day from recess onwards.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday for the Leavers’ Assembly!


Steve Jeffrey

December 2 Newsletter

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Grade 34W excursion Thursday 3 December

Please see attached information.

Secret Huts Letter 2020


Darren Watkins

Update 25/11/20

Canteen Specials - 27th November


Banana Cake - $1.50


Lamb meatballs with cous-cous - $5.00

Please remember to choose the correct order date on the Qkr! App.

Block Party

BlockParty copy

Parents of Grade 6 Leavers

Dear parents of Year Six students

Please find below a note regarding the end-of-year activities occurring for the Year Six students.

Year 6 EOY Activities #3

Please contact me at school if you have any queries.

Kind regards,

Steve Jeffrey

3/4's MEC excursion correct date

In the previous notice sent out it had the wrong date on it, the excursion is on Thursday 26 November 2020.


Peta and Darren