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May 22 Newsletter

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Update 15052024

CANTEEN - Fri 17

Recess:       Sweet Special:   Banana Cake

                    Savoury Special:   Margharita Pizza

                     Fruit Muffin:      Blueberry

Lunch: Special:  Fried Rice (Vegetarian) with egg.

Canteen Volunteers 24th May 20224

Hi there. I have no helpers for the 24th May. If you can help please contact the office or me directly on 0147 559 920. Please note all volunteers must have a current Working with Vulnerable People card and completed the Mandatory Reporting video (seriously it only takes 15 minutes).

Thanks   Caron Summers      Canteen Manager.

Peta Burnett on Leave

Please see attached flyer.


Miri LSL

Please see attached flyer


Cross Country Program

Cross Country Program - please note first event should start at approximately 10 am.



Jo Waldon

May 8 Newsletter

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Empowered Kids - parents of Gr 3 - 6

Just a reminder that the seminar is on Tuesday 7th May - 5.30 to 7 pm.

For catering reason if you could let office know if attending that would be great.

Empowered Kids Seminar May 7


Jo Waldon

Update 01052024


No hats until September (can wear beanies – available from the uniform shop )

Hope to see you at the parent workshop on Tuesday.

 Empowered Kids Seminar - for Grade 4 to 6 Parents

Empowered Kids Seminar May 7

CANTEEN - Fri 3rd May

Recess:   Sweet Special: Apple Crumble with custard   Fruit Muffin: Raspberry
                Savoury Special: Cheese Muffin             

Lunch:  Pasta with a meat sauce.

Volunteers needed for term2.

Hi there. Welcome back for term2. The canteen is in urgent need for helpers.

              3rd May               1 Volunteer

              10th May             2 Volunteers

              17th May             0 Volunteers

              24th May             2 Volunteers

              31st May             2 Volunteers

             7th June              Student Free Day

            14th June            2 Volunteers

            21st June             2 Volunteers

            28th June            2 Volunteers

            5th July                2 Volunteers.

If you can help, please contact the office of me on 0417 559 920. Thank you.

Caron Summers      Canteen Manager


Albuera Street Chess Program Term 2

Launching into Learning  - Term 2 Calendar

LiL Term 2 2024

Barrettcasting Flyer (below)


April 10 Newsletter

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Update 03042024


Growing Up Program

Programs for Grade 2/3 to Grade 5/6 will be on the 8th, 9th,10th and 11th April.
Parent info session will be 8.30am to 9.00am on the 8th April for the above classes.

CANTEEN - Fri 5th  April

Recess:   Sweet Special  Apple Cake
                Savoury Special: Pizza Scrolls
                Fruit Muffin: Blueberry

Lunch:     Mild Vegetarian Curry

Daylight Savings end on this Sunday 7th April.