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Volunteer's Thankyou Afternnon Tea

Volunteer’s Thankyou Afternoon Tea

On Monday 18 December we will be holding an afternoon tea from 2.15 to 3 pm in the Art Room.

If you have volunteered your time to Albuera Street Primary School during the year please come along.

RSVP to office by Friday 15 December so we have numbers for catering.

December 6 Newsletter

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Update 291117

FREE DRESS DAY   -  Fri 1st Dec

$1 for water


Grade 5/6 is doing a project on global citizenship. Part 2 of our project is raising money for our chosen charity that helps our country.

When – 1st of December.

What – Dressing up in blue or white to represent water or hygiene.

Why – To raise money for Haiti and Bangladesh, who are in desperate need of money.

How –  We are supporting Haiti and Bangladesh by raising money to provide clean water and hygiene products.


Friday 1st December

Lunch: Pasta with beef sauce: beef mince, onion, garlic, celery, carrot, tomato, herbs, grated cheese (served separately) pasta $5.00

Recess: (purchase at the canteen directly)

Apple Crumble: Apple, oats, flour, margarine, brown sugar, spice, custard $1.50

Prep Letter

In the last few weeks the Prep class has seen a rise in the amount of students complaining about itchy, watery/discharge, swollen and red eyes. It has been uncomfortable for a large number of children so I wanted to take this opportunity to urge people to get their children checked by a medical professional if they are displaying any of these symptoms.

Conjunctivitis is often confused with hay fever and it is important to get an accurate diagnosis so that the appropriate treatment can be given. Please use the links below to get some background information on both conditions and get your child checked by a GP to ensure that they are not returning to school while contagious. 

Please use the search bar to find government approved infomation on Conjuntivitis and Hayfever.

Thank you for your care in this matter and I am sure we can get all our students healthy and happy to finish off a great term.

Warm Regards,

Beth Vince

November 22 Newsletter

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Early Childhood Letter

Dear parents/guardians
Recently we have had an increasing number of students in early childhood classes bringing Bey Blades to school.  Whilst popular, we have concerns about the safety of these toys in the playground environment.  We would appreciate it if children kept these toys for play at home.  Students who bring Bey Blades to school will be asked to leave them in their bags during the school day.
Thank you for your support.
Kind regards.
Mrs Burgess, Ms Gillian, Mrs Baird, Ms O'Rourke

Update 151117

Remembrance Day
Thank you to Mr Eddleston, choir members and their parents for enabling us to make such a beautiful contribution to the Remembrance Day service at the  Cenotaph last Saturday morning.  Remembrance Day falling on a Saturday meant that our participation relied on the generosity and good will of all involved. I know that the RSL and community members present greatly appreciated the beautiful singing of the combined Albuera Street and South Hobart primary schools choir. I was, yet again, incredibly proud of our school.   
Planning for 2018
Planning classes for next year is well underway. Based on the number of students we have in each year group we anticipate having the following classes:  Kinder Apples, Kinder Pears, Prep, Prep/1,  Gr. 1/2, Gr. 2, 2 x Gr. 3/4 classes, Gr. 4/5 and 2 x Gr. 5/6 classes.  Changes in class groupings will obviously result in changes to teaching responsibilities and as yet teacher allocations to specific classes have not been finalised. It is likely that staffing may not be confirmed until nearer the end of the school year.  
I will be taking leave from Monday 20th November until Friday 1st December inclusive.  I am fortunate to know that our school will continue to run smoothly in my absence thanks to our fantastic staff team.  Mrs Beth Vince will be acting principal in my absence.
All the best for the next couple of weeks.
Kind regards.


Kerry McMinn


Friday 17th November


Hoi sin Chicken stir-fry with noodles: chicken, onion, garlic, ginger, vegetables, hoisin sauce, soy sauce, noodles, herbs $5.00


(purchase at the canteen directly)
Apple Yoghurt Cake: Apples, natural yoghurt, oil, lemon, flour, spice sugar, eggs, vanilla $1.50

National Bandanna Day

We still have Bandannas for sale at the school office until the end of this week.

$5.00 each  

November 8 Newsletter

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Update 1/11/17

Student Council news:
National Bandana Day, which raises funds to support young people with cancer, was held on Friday 27th October.  Because we had a pupil free day last Friday, we will be selling bandanas at school this week. Bandanas are $5.00 each and can be bought from the school office at recess and lunch times from tomorrow.
Thank you.
Taiga, Grade 1, on behalf of the Student Council
CANTEEN    Friday 3 November

Lunch:  MILD Green Chicken Curry: Chicken, onions, green curry paste (various herbs and spices), vegetables, coconut cream, fish sauce served with rice and prawn crackers           $5.00

Recess: Hummingbird Cake: banana, pineapple, sunflower seeds oil, sugar, eggs, flour, spice              $1.50


Levies are now overdue. If you experience difficulties with payment by the due date please contact Annette Reggett our School Business Manager to discuss your individual case.

Payment options:

  • BPay (School Invoices)
  • Service Tasmania Shops (School Invoices)
  • Eftpos facility available
  • Credit Card (over the phone (03) 6223 2268)
  • Cheque payable to Albuera Street Primary School
  • Cash

Cake Stall 

Friday 3pm    3rd November, 2017

Yes, once again we invite you to show off your fabulous baking skills and contribute to our after school cake stall.  The last one was so popular and we loved seeing people staying after school to have a chat and enjoy a treat.

We need yummy cakes, biscuits, slices, or anything else you want to bake.  If it’s all too much it’s ok to donate a little something you’ve purchased!  We won’t tell.

Take your goodies to the office on the day or bring them to the stall in the afternoon.  Please attach this label or include the information about ingredients in some way on your packaging.  Please do not use cream or anything that needs refrigeration.

See you on Friday 3rd November, and thank you, from the School Association.

October 25 Newsletter

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