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Gr3/4Watkins Parent Teacher phone conversation

3/4 Watkins Parent/Teacher Conversations


Dear parents/carers


Students are all now back at school, online learning is over and we can all get back to some kind of near-normal situation. I’d like to thank you all for being patient with me and understanding the considerable effort that has gone into preparing and running the online learning program I put on Canvas. I tried to balance easier tasks with more challenging work and I tried to ensure there was plenty to get on with for those students who needed more. It wasn’t perfect, but I’ve certainly learnt a lot. I should also take this opportunity to thank you for the support and hard work many of you put into your child’s learning. I hope you all enjoyed spending time with your children, learnt something about them, and were challenged and rewarded to some extent.


Parent/Teacher phone conversations

As is the trend this year, our Parent/Teacher interviews are looking very different. Like most teachers here at Albuera Street, I would like to offer a Parent/Teacher phone conversation. I will be available all day on Tuesday 2 June for a 10 minute phone conversation. You can book that conversation on Schoolzine by clicking HERE.

 When booking, please leave the best phone number for me to contact you on in the Additional Notes section and I will call you at the allotted time.

I would be very interested in hearing from you about how you and your children coped with online learning. We can discuss what aspects of online learning were successful or otherwise, how I might improve any future programs and what you learnt about your children, in particular, any strengths or weaknesses you identified or what successes or failures you experienced.

If you are unable to participate in a call or feel it is unnecessary, feel free to take no further action. Perhaps we can speak face to face in the near future. I do, however, look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to have a chat. Thanks.


Yours sincerely,


Darren Watkins

Gr3/4Burnett Parent Teacher Phone conversation

Parent Teacher Interviews

Through phone conversations

What a different year it has been!

Thank you for the way you have positively assisted your child to complete their online learning from home.

As we head back to school on 25th May, I would be very interested in hearing how you have felt your child has coped with learning from home. There would have been highlights, lowlights, challenges and successes. 

I would appreciate having a parent-teacher phone conversation with you on Wednesday 27th May.  If you are interested please book into a ten minute phone conversation by clicking here:

When booking, please leave the best phone number for me to contact you on in the Additional Notes section and I will call you at the allotted time. 

Topics for conversations may include, but are not restricted to:

  • How do you feel your child coped with being an independent learner at home?
  • What aspects of the curriculum did you feel your child was confident in or was challenged by?
  • How did you perceive the communication between school and home?
  • What support (if any) can you see your child needing or benefitting from once back at school?
  • Where do you feel that you can best support your child’s educational needs?

Students who have been attending school – have a chat with them and consider how they found:

  • The mixed class groupings
  • Handling the responsibilities of being more independent in their learning
  • Having a mixture of teachers
  • Adapting to the changed and changing schedules


If the times provided are not suitable, please contact me to work out a different time.


Peta Burnett

Virtual assembly 22 May 2020

Dear families,

We hope you enjoy our virtual assembly for this fortnight and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on Monday.


Kerry McMinn

May 20 Newsletter

Click here to view the May 20 Schoolzine eNewsletter!

Gr 2 Parent Teacher Phone Conversation

Dear Parents,

As we head back into ‘normal ‘ schooling on the 25th of May, I would like to offer you another opportunity to chat about your child’s schooling.  Both at school and for those who were learning from home, there have been challenges and successes aplenty.  If you would like to have a chat with me, remembering that social distancing measures mean face to face contact will be extremely limited between adults, please book a 10 minute phone conversation by clicking HERE.

When booking, please leave the best phone number for me to contact you on in the Additional Notes section and I will call you at the allotted time. Topics for conversation may include, but are not restricted to:

  • How do you feel your child coped with being an independent learner at home? (if relevant)
  • What aspects of the curriculum did you feel your child was confident in or was challenged by?
  • How did you perceive the communication between school and home?
  • What support (if any) can you see your child needing or benefiting from once back at school?

Thank you,


Great Australian Cross Country Challenge

Great Australian Cross Country Challenge

Albuera Street Primary has signed up for the Great Australian Cross Country Challenge and we are encouraging all students to get involved! With our school cross country event postponed due to COVID isolation restrictions this new competition will enable students to race solo or with a friend and record their results virtually!

The Challenge is open to all year levels from Kinder to grade 6. Registration is Free with our promo code SPSSA.

Distances for each year level are:

  • Kinder, Prep, Grade 1 and Grade 2 = 1km
  • Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6 = 2km

Students who enter will be eligible to win house points for either Byron or Albuera! They also have the chance to win ASICS sporting gear or vouchers and enjoy the benefits of keeping fit and staying connected during this time.

It’s parents’ responsibility to enter their child/ren. The competition kicks off today 15th May 2020 but its ok to register later if you run out of time. The competition runs through to August 31st 2020.  

How does it work?

  1. To register for GACCC head to When completing the registration, add the PROMO CODE = SPSSA
  2. Students run, walk, stroll their way through their age division distance, using a mobile or watch to track the distance and time.
  3. Visit the Results Hub at to upload results to see where they are coming in their region, state and around Australia.

It would be great to see everyone registering. The competition is for anyone they don’t need to be a fast runner they can choose to run or walk at their own pace. No one is watching, it’s just about trying their best. They don’t have to record their times if they don’t want to. If you have any questions feel free to contact me  



Renee Britton (PE Teacher)

Update 130520

Dear families,

Thank you to everyone who completed our brief survey to provide feedback in relation to opportunities and resources we were providing in the first week of learning at home.  Overall the feedback suggested that:

  • the amount of learning activities being provided was about right or maybe a little too much, and that prioritising work to be completed first would be helpful; 
  • learning activities were generally pitched a the right level of difficulty, and the balance between on and offline work was fine, with some expressing a preference for some more offline, paper based activities.
  • Parents were appreciative of the level of support that was being provided for students, and themselves, in navigating the task demands and the technologies being used. We were all being learners, and occasionally challenged, in using new IT platforms and programs! Many parents commented that they enjoyed getting to know their child better ‘as a learner’ and getting a better understanding of the curriculum and school expectations.

Teachers appreciated your advice and took your feedback into consideration in planning work for this two week block.  

I think there was a collective cheer last Friday afternoon when the Premier announced that there would be a staged return to school, starting with primary schools and colleges on 25th May.  We understand that learning at home is not easy and appreciate families’ outstanding efforts to support your children’s learning so far. We hope that having a set date for a return to school will enable you keep up the great work for another week or so. If we have too many students return to school before the due date it will make it very difficult for teachers to continue to be able to meet the needs of students learning at home as well. In next week’s newsletter we will provide important information about our return to school on 25th May.

Take care and stay well.

Kind regards,


Ukulele AUKs - Home-School Songs - 2020

Webinar Flyer - Health and Hygiene

Parent eCollection-home reading

Dear Parents/Carers,

Your child learns reading skills every day in the classroom and at home. During this time of home learning, it has not been possible to send home levelled readers for everyone. The school has purchased a subscription to the PM eCollection which will allow children to read levelled readers at home. The PM eCollection is a reading application that students can use at home and in the classroom where children can choose levelled books from the PM online library using their own log in details and password. This resource will be an excellent tool for teaching guided reading in the classroom as well as using at home for home reading.  Every student at school who is reading levelled readers will have access to this new and exciting home reading resource. Classroom teachers will send home log on information when we have the program up and running.

The following links will guide you through the log on process and using the eBooks on the PM eCollection website or the eCollection IOS app:

Login as a Student Follow these steps to access the bookshelf, via web browser or IOS app, as a student.

Using the eBook - Follow these steps to learn about the features and functionality of the eBooks

PM is also offering free online webinars to help parents and carers with reading at home. These are accessible through the following PM website:      

The one-hour webinar will cover: 

  • The things I need to know about helping my child to read 
           •  Helpful ‘tips’ for reading at home
           •  What to do in getting ready to listen to reading
           •  What to do before, during and after listening to reading. 


These sessions are suitable for parents of all primary-age children, from Prep to Year 6.

 Some Tips for Reading at Home

Before your child reads the book:

  • Discuss the book cover (including title and picture)
  • Ask them to predict what the book might be about
  • Go through the book page by page and talk about the pictures

When they have a good idea of what the story might be about then they are ready to read the text.

While they are reading:

  • Give your child time to work out unknown words before prompting them.
  • Encourage your child to have a go by using the following strategies:
  • “What do you think the word is? Have a go.”
  • “Read the sentence again and see if you can work it out.”
  • “What does it start with?”
  • If they are still unsure simply tell them the word.

At the end of the book:

  • Ask questions:
  • Did you enjoy the book? Why?
  • Who was your favourite character? Can you describe him/her?
  • Are there any words you did not know the meaning of?
  • Can you tell me what happened in the story?
  • What did you think about….?

If you have any further questions about any aspect of home reading, please feel free to contact me or your child’s classroom teacher.


Mandy Newton

Early Childhood Literacy Support Teacher

Important news - plan to reopen schools

Dear parents and guardians,

 Please find attached information released today by the Premier, the Minister for Education and the Secretary of the Department of Education in relation to our return to school from learning at home. I know that having a clear timeframe and plan for a carefully staged return to school will be most welcome. Thank you for your incredible work and support over recent weeks. We will look forward to seeing students back at school on 25th May.

Return to school parent fact sheet

Joint Letter May 8 2020 Parents and Carers

EDU6238 COVID-19 Back to School Roadmap P5


Kerry McMinn

Campaign 2020-05-08

Dear Albuera Street community

As today would normally be our first assembly of the term, we have organised a virtual assembly for your enjoyment.

Thanks to Judy and Taliah for their work in organising and hosting the assembly.

The link:

Have a wonderful weekend!


Kerry McMinn