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School Review 2021

Dear Families,

As part of our continuous school improvement, we will be involved in an External School Review in term 4. The purpose of the External School review is to support schools to raise achievement, sustain high performance and provide quality assurance in Government schools.

All Tasmanian schools are reviewed every 4-5 years. The focus of the review is to evaluate school performance. Our Review Team, who carry out the review, consists of a Review Chair and one trained Review Principal. Albuera Street school’s review will take place in week 4 on Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd November 2021.

Through this review we will find things to celebrate and improvements to undertake. These will be incorporated into our School Improvement Plan for 2022 and beyond.

During the External School Review, some students, parents, School Association members and staff will be asked to provide information to the Review Team in several ways. These include:

  • Individual interviews
  • Group discussions (with students, staff, or parents & S.A.)
  • Conversations during visits to classrooms

Please let the office know if:                             

  • You do not want your child to be involved in the External School Review discussions
  • You would be interested in joining a group discussion with a Review Team member

Contact the school on 62232268 or email

We appreciate your support and time in helping us with this External School Review process.

Jo Waldon


Lock Down Ended

Lockdown Ended

As you would be aware, Lockdown for the south of the state ends at 6pm today.

School resumes as normal for Tuesday and Wednesday. Growing Up Program will be happening.

All adults who enter the school grounds must wear a mask.

Thank you for everyone’s cooperation.

 Remember Thursday is Show Day and Friday is a Student Free Day.


Jo Waldon

Southern COVID Shutdown information

Dear parents and carers 

As you would be aware, in an effort to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak the Tasmanian Government has announced that from 6PM Friday 15 October the Southern Region will enter a short lockdown period.  The current advice is that the lockdown is expected to end on Monday 18 October at 6PM. As always, we are following advice from Public Health and should the lockdown period need to be extended, we will keep you updated. 

A short, sharp lockdown is designed to act as a circuit breaker on transmission and support contact tracing, in response to COVID-19 being detected in the community. 

 We know that this is a concerning time for everyone.  However, we also know that because of our experience last year, we are in a very good position to work our way through this disrupted period while continuing to support student learning.     

 Student Learning 

What this means is that:  

  • Schools will remain open for students of permitted workers and those who are unable to be supervised or supported at home. Given the short timeframe, schools from kindergarten to year 10 will not be providing structured learning on Monday, however parents and carers may choose to access our Learning at Home website (link)
  • On Monday, all senior secondary students (Years 11 and 12) will be supported to learn from home
  • Should the lockdown period need to be extended further information relating to student learning will be provided

 Hygiene and Preventative Measures 

During the lockdown period and until advice from Public Health changes, it is mandatory that face masks must be carried and worn when outside of the home for people aged 12 years and over.  Based on findings from lockdowns in other states, the wearing of face masks has been highly effective in reducing the spread of COVID-19.  

In our schools students in our secondary and senior secondary schools (students in Years 7-10) will be required to wear a mask. Staff in all schools will be required to wear a mask.

 For children attending in person, the expectation is that they will have their own masks; however, if your child attends school and does not have one, the school will supply one from its stock.    

 In order to limit adults on our school sites, we will recommence our Stop, Drop and Go for pickup and drops off.  This means that you will be able to drop your child off at the school entrance, and the school will have plans in place to ensure your child moves to their class.  Please follow your school’s advice about where and when to safely drop off and collect your child.   

 In line with other current preventative measures we encourage everyone to: 

  • maintain physical distancing where possible
  • stay at home if you have any cold and flu symptoms and for parents to arrange a COVID test 
  • ensure you are wearing a mask if you leave the house
  • if you enter a school site make sure you check in using the Check In TAS App
  • continue to practice good hygiene by washing your hands regularly and coughing into your elbow.


The DoE Alerts and the Tasmanian Government Coronavirus webpage are key sources of information if you need further advice.   

We are confident that we can get through this uncertain time together once again, and we look forward to welcoming all students back into our schools again soon. 

 Thank you all for your support and cooperation during this challenging period.    


Stay safe  

 Tim Bullard 

Secretary Department of Education

ASPS School Association Fund Raising Raffle

Albuera Street Primary School Association Fund Raising Raffle and Quiz Night


A reminder to all families that although the planned School Association Quiz Night has been postponed to 2022 the fundrasing raffle is going ahead. The raffle will be drawn on the 27th of October 2021. Tickets should now have gone home with all children. If you wish to purchase tickets could you please add your name and phone number to the tickets and return to the office with payment. The cost is $2 per ticket. There are lots of great prizes generously donated by a range of businesses including a Pennicott voucher and a night’s accommodation at Crowne Plaza Hotel.


If you run a business and are able to donate an item or gift voucher that can be used as a prize in the raffle please let the school association know on or drop it into the office at school.


If you would like to buy more tickets these can be purchased from the school office.

Growing up Program

Growing Up Program 

Mon 18th - Wed 20th 

Prep to Grade 6

GUP flyer PDF A4 2019

Parent session Monday 8.30 to 9.00am

Update 131021


Students from P - 6 will be participating in PAT testing on the next few weeks.

CANTEEN - Fri 15th Oct

Recess - Banana Cake   $1.50

Lunch -  Chilli Con Carne  $5.50


The Albuera Community lost Row Green, a mum, wife, friend and an amazing supporter of all things Albuera in 2020.  Thus Sunday, October 17, 2021, a walk raising money for medical research to better understand, diagnose, treat and ultimately prevent Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection Heart Attacks is being held in Hobart.  Please see the attached flyer with more information if you would like to participate in the walk or if you would like to make a donation an Albuera team link has been set up.

Planning for classes 2022

Class planning is underway and teachers will begin to discuss the placement of students into their classes for 2022. Having a strong indication of numbers for next year is essential for our planning.

If you are planning on moving schools for 2022 please let us know as soon as possible.

If you have a particular request about your child’s placement, please put it in writing and send to me by Friday 15th October.

School Association Quiz Night Notice

Please see attached notice.


Albuera Street Primary update

Baby News

A big congratulations to Jodi on the safe arrival of a baby girl last Monday, both are doing fine.

School Association  

Just a reminder about the Quiz night, get in early for tickets.

Also having a raffle which will be drawn on the night. Raffle tickets were handed out on Friday 24 September to all classes apart from both 5/6 classes, they will be handed out on first week back of term 4.



Jo Waldon

September 22 Newsletter

Click here to view the September 22 Schoolzine eNewsletter!

Update 150921

Planning for classes 2022

Early term 4 teacher will begin to discuss the placement of students into their classes for 2022. Having a strong indication of numbers for next year is essential for our planning.

If you are planning on moving schools for 2022 please let us know as soon as possible.

If you have a particular request about your child’s placement, please put it in writing and send to me by Friday 15th October.

School Satisfaction Survey - Due by Fri 17th Sept 

CANTEEN - Fri 17th Sept 

Recess: Hummingbird Cake          $1.50

Lunch: Pasta with a Beef Sausage Sauce $5.00

Fundraiser - Wednesday 22nd Sept - Colourful dress and Toffee apple Day.

Triathlon – December 10th

All students from grades 3-6 are invited to register for the Schools Triathlon Challenge late next term.

Parent notes and entry forms are available from the office.

Entries and $30 are due to the office by next Wednesday September 22nd.

For more information, including FAQs, the course map, event times and rules, please visit the official website:

If, after checking the website, you have any queries, please contact Steve Jeffrey at school:

School Association


Organise your babysitter and gather your fellow trivia buffs! Pick a team name, bring along your favourite nibbles and join the Albuera Street Primary School Association for a night of brain twisting fun!

Cost: $10 per person

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks will be sold at the bar (no BYO drinks).

All participants must be 18 or over.

Bring your gold coins for games.

Tickets can be purchased via EFT to the Albuera Street Primary School Association General Account, as follows:

BSB:  807-009       Account: 51392645        Description: <Quiz-Surname>

It is important to provide your surname when purchasing tickets to ensure that your party and allocated number of tickets will be on the door list for entry on the evening of the event.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at We hope to see you there!