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Christmas Update


We had a lovely last day and the Year 6s enjoyed their breakfast and time at Bellerive.

I would like to give a big thank you to Beth Nicholson for helping Ms Roos Klomp and the Y6s to finish their artwork for the school. This is down on the netball courts. The weather certainly hasn’t helped with getting it done and we appreciate the extra time Beth put into ensuring it was done by the end of the school year.


Uniforms and Levies Day – 2023 

Thursday 2nd Feb -  10.00am to 2.00pm in the Multi purpose room.

We wish you all wonderful and safe holidays.

See you on Wednesday February 8th for the beginning of the 2023 school year.

December 21 Newsletter

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Christmas Carols Video

Here is the link to the carols video:


Jo Waldon

School Association update - Thanks!

School Association – Final Update for 2022

 A year ago, in our end of 2021 update, we said that 2022 was shaping up to be a big year for the Association, and so it proved to be!

 Safer Ways to School Plan

 This year our School enhancement and Community Subcommittee began developing a Safer Ways to School Plan. The aim of the plan is to make it safer for our kids to get to and from school. It also aligns with the school’s "Move Well Eat Well" strategy to get our school community more physically active by choosing more active transport options.

 The City of Hobart provided a community grant to the Association of $2800 to pay for the software to survey the school community about how families currently get to and from school, what they find difficult and how we might be able to make it easier and safer.

 We have had a great response to the engagement to date, with over 1200 visits to our website, over 100 comments on our interactive map, and 40 completed surveys. We are leaving the website open for another week, so there is still an opportunity to participate and a chance to win a $100 Woolworths voucher!

 The Association, with the support of the school, ran two Walk Safely to School days, in May and November, with a great response and many in our school community enjoying the chance to walk, even part of the way, to school to be greeted by some of our school leaders and provided with a free yummy smoothie.

 We are working over the summer break to get a more detailed report back to the school community but to date we have learnt a lot! There are a large number of families that come to the school from outside of the area and therefore rely on cars to form part of the journey. Ensuring that we provide safe and accessible drop off areas needs to remain a priority for our plan.  We also have a lot of students and parents choosing to walk to school (from all directions) and therefore safe pedestrian crossings is another high priority.

 The City of Hobart has indicated interest in our survey and working with us as part of developing the plan. We will put together a range of short and longer term options for Council to consider. Short term, easy wins may include ideas as simple as increasing the time for pedestrians to cross at traffic lights and adjustments to parking areas. Other ideas to improve pedestrian crossing points including consideration for crossing guards will require more work but will form part of the plan and are important to make it safer for our school community.

 Our students are also currently participating in developing the plan, putting pen to paper with their ideas. We see their input as being critical in developing a plan that represents our entire school community.

 Thank you to everyone who has participated in the survey or who will be jumping onto the website over the next week. Your strong support will help us get decision makers to invest in the plan.

 Fundraising and contributions

 Following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions in early 2022, the Association pressed ahead with its plans for some long overdue and much needed fundraising initiatives. With your support, we were able to hold 2 cake stalls, a daffodil bulb drive, an Easter Raffle and, of course, our first school Fair in 4 years. We had also planned a BBQ for the Christmas Carols but sadly this had to be called off due to the poor weather forecast.

 We are very grateful for and humbled by the support you have shown at these events. We are also grateful to the many volunteers who have given up a significant amount of their time to ensure these events have been successful and enjoyable for all who attended them. The Association has been able to raise nearly $23,000 this year, with the Fair alone contributing nearly $18,000 of that amount.

 With these valuable funds, the Association has been able to:

  • contribute funding to the school’s Reading Doctor Program;
  • donate $2,000 to support the Peacock Family in their time of need; and
  • contribute funding towards a new piece of school artwork, which is being completed by glass artist Diane Brown following her work with the students as artist in residence during National Science Week.

 In addition:

  • We will soon be making our annual contribution towards the school’s Outdoor Education program involving the Molesworth Environment Centre.
  • Plans are underway for new artwork to the external school grounds, with the aim being to brighten up some of the paved areas and introduce more fun elements for the children. The artwork will be provided by local artist, Cathy Edwards. It is hoped that some of this work will be carried out over the upcoming school holidays and be ready for the children to enjoy when school returns in February 2023. The Association is also working to devise an artist in residence component for implementation in 2023, which would involve Cathy Edwards working together with the children to develop other pieces of external artwork during the course of the school year
  • The Association is looking to make a financial contribution to support the school’s planned upgrade of the audiovisual infrastructure in the multiroom.

Even with these various contributions, the success of this year’s Fair has also enabled us to start considering more significant projects to enhance our children’s enjoyment at the school. To this end, the Association Committee is now looking to prepare a school masterplan. This would enable a range of potential school enhancements to be mapped out and shared with the school community for feedback. Decisions can then be made as to the best way to invest the Association’s funds, or whether further fundraising may be necessary (e.g., via School Association activities, local or State government grants or a combination of these) to achieve the desired enhancements. We appreciate your patience while we work through these tasks, and look forward to providing more updates on this significant project in 2023.

 Association Committee for 2023 – WE WOULD LOVE YOU TO GET INVOLVED!

 The Association invites all parents, carers and guardians who may be interested in joining the Association Committee in 2023 to please get in touch with us! As you can see from the above, it is a very exciting time for the Association, with lots of big plans in the making, and we would love your help to make them happen.

 The Association Committee is heavily reliant on volunteers from our school community for its ongoing viability and success. The Association Committee can have up to 15 members. Currently the Committee has 7 members, 3 of whom will either retire or nominate for re-election for another two-year term at the next Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) of the Association. In addition, the Committee’s current Chairperson, Alastair Oxbrough, has decided to retire from the Committee following the next AGM after nearly four years of service.

 The AGM will be held on Wednesday, 29 March 2023 at 6pm. Immediately after the AGM, there will be a regular Association Committee meeting at which the new Committee will vote in its new officeholders (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer) for the following 12-month period. While you don’t have to be an officeholder to be on the Committee, the Association would love to see some new faces taking up officeholding positions (particularly the Chairperson role, given Alastair’s retirement). Reminders for the AGM, including how to nominate, will be released when school returns in early 2023. You can also contact us at or call our Chairperson, Alastair Oxbrough, on 0400 818 636, if you would like more information.

 Our first Committee meeting for 2023 will be held a few weeks prior to the AGM, on Wednesday, 22 February 2022 at 6pm via Teams. This would be a great time for anyone interested in joining the Association Committee to learn a bit more about what the Association does and how you may be able to help. If you would like to attend, please send an email to with your preferred email address, so that we can send you an invite to the Teams Meeting.

 Finally, if you don’t want to be on the Committee but would just like to volunteer for the Association in other ways (e.g., organising or helping out at our fundraising events), then please do get in touch. The Association welcomes any and all support and we would always love to hear from you!

 The Association wishes you all the best for the summer break and looks forward to seeing you all again in 2023.

Update 131222


Due to the weather forecasting a wet and cold day we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Carols. Our Multi is not big enough to hold the groups in a covid safe way.

We needed to make the decision now because to the hire of equipment as well as the food ordering for the BBQ.

We have organised to have the students filmed singing their songs and will make that available for families.

Fun Day – Tuesday 20th

This year we are having a fun day at school.

All students will be participating in a silent disco and a free sausage will be offered to all students as a treat for lunch (they will still need their lunch)

Students can come in free dress.

Canteen - Fri 16th

Recess:       Apple Crumble with custard        $2.00        Chocolate Cupcakes       $2.00

                     Gingerbread Biscuit        $1.50                    Vanilla Biscuit    $1.50

                     Nachos               $2.00


Homemade Hamburgers             $6.50

(with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, onion, cheese, pineapple all large enough to be picked out)

(Veggie burger is available by direct request by Thursday morning)

December 7 Newsletter

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update 301122

CANTEEN - Fri 2 Dec

Recess: Banana Cake  $2.00  Mixed berry muffin  $2.00

              Pizza scrolls $2.00

Lunch:  Gnocchi with light tomato sauce     $6.00


you are invited to join us on
Thursday 8th December from 8:30-9:15am
In the Art room for
Coffee and croissants.

We hope to see you here.
Please RSVP by Mon 5th December – 62 232 268


Thank you to all the students, families, teachers and staff over the last 5 years. With your support and engagement with student learning we would not be able to celebrate our consistency with NAPLAN results for Y5 to be the top in the state. We know that NAPLAN is just one way of measuring ability so I would like to acknowledge the student engagement in the Arts, PE, learning languages, exploring idea in HASS and Science, as well as importance of being safe, fair respectful learners. All of this is what goes into Albuera being a wonderful school in which to learn and play. Well done all.

Triathlon – this Friday, December  2nd

Good luck to the 58 participants taking part in the Schools Triathlon Challenge this Friday at Bellerive Beach!

Students received their participant packs today, which include bib numbers and sticker labels for bikes and helmets. Please make sure bibs are secured to students’ tops and labels are appropriately attached.

Thanks to the parent volunteers for their assistnce; the weather forecast is marvellous for Friday and we’re looking forward to a busy and action-packed event.

School Association

The next meeting of the School Association will be held virtually via Teams on Wednesday, 7 December 2022 from 6pm to 8pm.  All parents, carers and guardians are welcome to attend, as with all of our meetings throughout the year.  If you would like to attend, please send an email to with your preferred email address, so that we can send you an invite to the Teams Meeting.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Alastair Oxbrough on 0400 818 636.

November 23 Newsletter

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Update 161122


Canteen - Fri 18th

Recess: Jelly and custard     $2.00  Strawberry Muffin  $2.00  Savory Turnover (meat)  $2.00

Lunch:  Mild Vegetable Curry      $6.50

Notes: The Jelly is homemade jelly made with beef gelatine

The Department for Education, Children and Young People is reviewing the procedure for out-of-area enrolments at Tasmanian Government schools. We are interested to learn more about your perspectives on the benefits of attending your local government school, and the reasons families seek enrolment at a school outside their local intake area. You are invited to have your say using an online survey at

Spooky Dress Fundraiser -  Juvenile Arthritis Foundation Aus

On Wednesday 23rd November you are encouraged to wear spooky dress or free dress, and to bring a gold coin donation.

Volunteer breakfast -

Invitation to all families and volunteers to our school. We will be thanking you 

Thurs 8th Dec 8.30 - 9.15  - Art Room Coffe and croissants 

Safe Ways to School

Please fill in the survey and add comments to the map via this link:

Bike Ed Day - tomorrow please remember to briing you bike and equipment.

Thank you ato all our families for your support during last week's Stop Work Meeting.

We truly appricaite your support and acknowledge the cahallenge these meeting provide to families.Every student was collected from scool on in Afre School care. We feel seen, heard and supported by our school community.

November 9 Newsletter

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