rainbow[1].jpgPhilosophy and Values
At Albuera Street our core values include Learning and Achievement; Relationships; Integrity and Respect; Care and Responsibility and Resilience.
Our community aspires to excellence in teaching and learning. To this end we:
·         create a happy, safe, inclusive learning environment;
·         meet individual needs;
·         build positive relationships;
·         offer an enriching curriculum; and
·         contribute, innovate and respond to change.
At Albuera Street we are committed to giving all students the best education possible to enable them to lead fulfilling, purposeful and productive lives. This is why we value a broad curriculum focusing on academic achievement, a strong creative arts program, health and wellbeing and civics and citizenship. We appreciate diversity and value every member of our school community. We seek to develop genuine partnerships with parents and the community.
Our teachers have a high level of professional knowledge, expertise and ethical commitment and are assisted in their work by a strong support team. We have high expectations of all members of our school community. We aim to provide a stimulating learning environment that welcomes and engages students, staff and parents and members of our school community.